John Harbaugh on Marcus Peters: He’s as genuine as it gets

Marcus Peters isn’t for everybody.

Now on his third team, Peters’ emotions have at times gotten the best of him on the field during his first six seasons. But he’s found the right fit with the Ravens, signing a three-year contract extension with the club in December 2019.

Peters got a game-clinching interception off Ryan Tannehill on Sunday, and carried the celebration to the Titans’ logo. On Monday, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh reiterated how much he loves Peters and the passion the cornerback brings to the game.

“I love him. He’s genuine. He’s as authentic as it gets. And that’s what you appreciate about anybody, especially someone like Marcus,” Harbaugh said during his Monday press conference. “He’s got a heart of gold. It really matters to him, he really cares. I think it shows. He’s an emotional guy, no question about that. And like all of us, he works to be the best he can be. We’re all growing and stuff like that. I just like him, personally. And I like the way he plays and I like his heart.

“As far as where do you draw the line and all that, that’s something that individual people have to learn for themselves and we all have that. Just from a coach’s standpoint, I’m not a big fan of the penalties. We talk about that all the time. We never want to hurt our team and put them in a position, put them 15-yards back unnecessarily. So that’s the main thing that we talk about.”

The Ravens were flagged for taunting when Peters and the rest of the defense went out to the Titans’ logo following the cornerback’s fourth-quarter interception. But as long as Peters refrains from drawing those fouls, Harbaugh clearly doesn’t have a problem.